Want to be a Vendor?

For the previous three years, our vendor spots have filled up well before the Institute!  We are all so grateful for their continued support and innovation to aid the Midwest in making 1:1 opportunities possible.


The Iowa 1:1 Institute (i11i) is a grass-roots conference focused on robust, technology-infused P-12 learning and teaching with laptops, netbooks, tablets, and other computing devices.  The Institute is collaboratively sponsored by the school districts in and around Iowa with 1:1 computing programs.  The last four years, we have had over 1,200 attendees, including superintendents, principals, curriculum directors, teachers and students.  This year we anticipate growth as Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other schools remain committed to incorporating technology in education and look to change and grow through widespread 1:1 initiatives.

Cost to vendors:

There is a flat fee of $500 to be a vendor at the Institute

What do we get for the $500 fee?

Each vendor will be given a draped/skirted vendor table, 2 chairs and high-speed wireless Internet access.  A phone line costs an additional $150.  Additional electricity or other needs will incur additional charges.  The vendor fee will also include the regiration fee for up to two individuals for each booth.

What if we want to do more?

Contact our vendor coordinator (Jamie Fath) for information on further sponsoring opportunities.  Additional opportunities include corporate level sponsorship, sponsorship of our leadership series, and more!

Can we present at the conference?

Vendors can submit presentations, but they will be reviewed with all other presentations by a separate committee of teachers and administrators.  There is no guarantee that vendor sessions, like any other session, will be accepted.

How do we pay the conference fee?

Each vendor will be billed the amount agreed upon and can pay with a credit card, cash, or check.


Please direct questions to Jamie Fath at vendorsi11i@gmail.com  Thank you in advance for your support!